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Tax Classification hearing

12 Athol Road, Warwick, MA 01378
Phone: 978-544-8304 Fax: 978-544-6499
Hours: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 9:00 to 12:00 AM and by appointment


The Warwick Selectboard will hold a public hearing on Monday, December 10, 2012 at 6:15 PM in the Town Hall dining room, 12 Athol Rd, Warwick, MA 01378 on the matter of tax classification. The purpose of the hearing is to allow taxpayers the opportunity to present their views on whether or not Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Open Space and Personal Property should be taxed with one rate for all property classes, or to use different tax rates for different classes of property.

Currently the town taxes at a single tax rate for all property classes. All concerned are urged to attend and present their views orally or in writing. At the conclusion of the hearing the Selectboard will make a decision whether or not tax classification shall be applied to the FY 2013 tax rate.

Dawn Magi
Warwick Selectboard

Attention: Dog Owners

The Selectboard has noticed an increase in the number of complaints regarding loose or otherwise unrestrained dogs in Town. The problem has resulted in injury to people and has had the effect of restricting resident's ability to walk on our streets or even on their own land.

It is not allowed for your dog to be on the land of another, or in the public way, unless under your control. Dogs may not bother people or livestock. It is not alright to let your animal out to run even for a few minutes unrestrained. If they stray off your land and are not under your control you are in addition to being a lousy neighbor, violating the law.

For the safety of your animal companion and of your fellow townspeople, please make sure that you keep your dog restrained whenever it is outdoors. Unrestrained dogs are in danger of being hit by motor vehicles. While you may feel your animal is not a threat to people, many folks are afraid of them.

Please do your part to comply with this request so that you don't get charged a fine and we don't have to hold more nuisance dog hearings.

Sincerely, Warwick Selectboard

Town Procurements

For specifications for various town project bids, go here.

Public Hearings



Scenic Roads Hearing for Maintenance Cutting of Bass Rd, Bliss Hill Road and Royalston Rd - Ted Cady

The Highway Department proposes to do maintenance cutting on the causeway of Bass Rd., all of Bliss Hill Rd. that is in Warwick, and on Royalston Rd. The beginning and ending of each cutting area is marked by blue and white striped flagging. It is proposed that all trees under 6 inches in diameter at chest height within the public way will be cut, unless the tree is wrapped with red flagging printed with the words "DO NOT CUT." Trees over 6 inches in diameter at chest height designated for cutting are wrapped with orange tape. Hazard trees larger than 6 inches in diameter will be cut, but are not marked.

If there is a tree or bush designated for cutting that you feel should not be cut, tie yellow flagging around it and print your name on the flagging with magic marker. You can use your own yellow flagging, or obtain some from the Town Coordinator, David Young. It would be helpful if you came to the hearing to explain why the vegetation should not be cut. You may also submit written comments prior to the hearing, or at the hearing.

A public hearing of the Tree Warden, Planning Board and Selectboard will be held on Wednesday, July 13 at 7:00 PM in the Town Hall to hear comments on the proposed cutting (MGL Chapt 40, Section l5C and MGL Chapt 87, Section 3). It may be decided to allow the cutting as proposed, or allow it with modifications, or not allow it, with each road being a separate case. It is hoped that decisions can be made that evening, but if the comments require follow up or a site visit it may be that decisions can not be made until a later time.

If you have questions call Ted Cady (978) 544-6410 or the Tree Warden, Dana Songer.


Proposal to submit a program amendment to the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) for a change to the FY2009 Warwick Four-Town housing rehab program's financial mechanism in order to help ease the economic burden to low and moderate income housing rehabilitation applicants of the four-town region.



Hello, my name is Ron Gates and I would like to start out by saying thank you for the opportunity to serve as the new Fire Chief of Warwick.

I'd like share a little something about myself. I have lived in Warwick for 10 years with my wife, Lori. We live at 835 Wendell Road. I have been on the Warwick Fire Department for 9 years as a firefighter as well as a licensed EMT. I worked for Medstar ambulance service in Leominster for 5 years. I am also licensed as a carpenter.

I will be updating you each month, through the newsletter, on our department and the progress of the new fire station. If anyone thinks they would be interested in being on the department, please call me or go to a meeting on the first Tuesday of every month at 7pm at the Warwick Fire Station. We can always use help, including Jr. Firefighters, who are a big asset to this department.

If anyone has any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at 978-544-8052 or 978-821-5469 anytime. Email address rgatesc1wfd@yahoo.com.

Town of Warwick - Board of Assessors

To Warwick property owners:

It's come to our attention that a message sent on Wed., Dec. 2nd, announcing the availability of our preliminary 2010 property values for review, was not received by the warwickma.org or Warwick "L" websites in time for anyone to take advantage of our office hours on Saturday, Dec. 5th.

To allow an opportunity for anyone interested to comment on their new values, the Assessors' office will now be open on Wed. evening, Dec. 9th, from 7:00 to 9:00, as well as regular daytime hours that day. In addition to the copies at Town Hall and the Warwick Library, which are accessible during their normal hours (as well as during the election all day on Tuesday the 8th), we've also made the proposed values available on the warwickma.org website.

We'd like to add that the actual legal posting notice to the Athol Daily News was received in a timely way, as well as a notice to the Warwick newsletter's electronic mailing list, so we're at a loss to explain what happened to the others, but we'd like to assure taxpayers that we're in compliance with the letter of the law, and we hope the additional hours and posting will address the spirit. It also might be worth stating that this preliminary review allows comment, and we'll address any errors brought to our attention, but that the actual abatement process for appealing a value does not take place until the final bills are issued, which won't happen until we submit these new values for final approval.

Chris Ryan
Chair, Warwick Board of Assessors

Attached: Preliminary Property Values 2010

To Warwick property owners:
The Warwick Board of Assessors has completed the update of all property values for Fiscal Year 2010. The values are a measure of past sales (2007-08) and reflect proposed values as of January 1, 2009. As a result of this new assessment, overall values in the town have been reduced by approximately 4% from Fiscal Year 2009. The new values will be available at Town Hall and the Library beginning Thursday, December 3 during regular hours at both locations. The assessors' office will be open on Saturday, December 5 from 9-2.

The Warwick Conservation Commission

Kasey Rolih

The Warwick Conservation Commission is looking for a new member. The Commission is responsible for administering the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act. We review proposed development projects in or near wetlands and other water resource areas. For more information, please see our page or contact Karro Frost, Chair, 978-544-8563 (home), 413- 531-5745 (cell), or kfrost@neeinc.com, if you are interested in joining the commission

Notices from the Town Coordinator

Town government needs you!

We have vacancies on four town bodies. They are: the Finance Committee, the Zoning Board of Appeals, an advisory committee on the regional housing rehabilitation block grant, and Cultural Council. Finance Committee meets about eight or ten times a year and advises the Selectboard and Town Meeting on budget and money matters. The ZBA considers special requests on land use. Members need to understand and consider law and regulation. There are openings for alternate members on the ZBA the Town needs to fill. The Cultural Council makes annual arts grant decisions and meets a couple of times a year. There are two openings. In total we need seven volunteers. Please contact me to ask questions and to express your interest to serve.

The Selectboard is considering offering the option of financing the up-front cost to end users to subscribe to the Town's wireless broadband system and is creating a waiting list for people who are interested. Currently, to subscribe, one pays $500 for end user equipment and set-up and then $50 per month thereafter. The proposal under consideration would allow folks who need to spread out the payments the option of paying $100 the first month and then $85 per month for 12 months. Thereafter the service reverts to $50 monthly.

After six months of operation the broadband system has 50 connections, is generating $2500 per month in revenue, and has achieved break even. In addition to this customer premises financing proposal, the Selectboard will be considering the schedule for repayment of the broadband loan and next steps to extend the service to residents who don't receive the signal and want to.

To what extent is resident's ability or willingness to take the broadband service affected by the cost to buy in? Please contact me to express your opinion on the advisability and need and / or your interest in this financing option. I have been instructed to start a waiting list should this be adopted.

David Young
Town Coordinator

FCRHA - Charity Day

Franklin County Regional Housing and Redevelopment Authority (HRA) is administering a deferred payment loan program on behalf of the Town of Warwick.

IHousing Rehabilitation funds loaned to homeowners will be in the form of a 0% interest Deferred Payment Loan (DPL) 50% of the DPL will be repaid upon the sale or transfer of the property and 1/15th of the remaining 50% of the DPL will be forgiven each full year after the date of closing. The DPL will be enforced through a recorded mortgage lien on the property.

Work that may be addressed (but not limited to) through this program is roofing, foundation repairs, heating systems, doors and windows, wells and septic systems, and much more!

Homeowners and any rental families must have an annual gross income equal to or less than the following amounts:

# In Household       Gross Annual Income

  1.              $43,800.00
  2.               $50,050.00
  3.               $56,300.00
  4.               $62,550.00
  5.               $67,600.00
  6.               $72,600.00

If you are interested in receiving an information and application packet please call Charity Day @ (413) 863- 9781 ext. 132
or email cday@fchra.org


During the past few weeks the Department has increased patrols throughout the Town, with an emphasis on traffic enforcement and education. The high visibility cruiser patrols will, we hope, help to keep traffic violations to a minimum with the advent of the better weather.

It has been noted by Officers that there have been increasing incidents of permanent residents in possession of out of state registered motor vehicles. New state legislation, with higher fine structures and criminal penalties, should assist in alleviating this recurring problem. Vigorous enforcement of applicable statutes and regulations is intended.

With the coming of spring and summer also comes the construction season; motorists are asked to "Give 'em a Brake" when entering and traveling through a construction zone.

Remember to check the expiration date of your vehicle's registration and your Driver's License - the RMV is no longer sending out renewal notices!

Recently there have been what can only be termed as a "rash" of break-ins in the area. Houses in Royalston, Orange, and Warwick have been targeted. Living as we do in a small town, our knowlege of the area and folks around us can serve us well - if you see anything unusual, such as strange vehicles passing by slowly, parked in odd areas, or any other thing that makes you take notice, the following can be very helpful:

  1. Description - if it is a vehicle try to get a plate number, color, number of occupants, etc.
  2. Time and place of occurance.
  3. What was occurring that made you notice?
  4. Call the Police Department (978-544-2244) - nothing is too small to be reported. Try to report your tip as soon as possible!

BOARD OF HEALTH - Rita McConville, Chair

The Board meets every first and third Wednesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. at the Warwick Town Hall.

The Warwick Transfer Station is open every Saturday from 8:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m., until further notice by BOH.

We encourage the use of checks for all payments; make them out to "Town of Warwick".

The list of prices for disposal items and permit fees are posted at Town Hall, and here.

Outdoor Hydronic Heaters or wood boilers: the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection implemented the finalized regulations for outdoor wood-fired boilers as of December 2008. Please come and review the state regulation: as these concerns will be discussed in upcoming scheduled Board of Health meetings.

Important Food Event notice:
Seasonal or temporary food events by non-profit organizations are not charged a permit fee, but are still required to fill out an application for each event, and are subject to inspection.

According to 1999 Massachusetts Food Code, such events must prepare only Non-Potentially Hazardous food and food must be prepared on site at the event or in a Registered Kitchen, such as the Town Hall, foods at a public event must NOT be prepared in a volunteer's home. The only exception to this is for select baked goods offered at a bake sale for a non-profit agency. Each organization in town which holds food events should have received a notice of this requirement in their town hall mailbox. The regulation places emphasis on food safety, and I strongly encourage food safety from all organizations.

Quality of Telephone Service

David Young, Town Coordinator

I am looking for your specific input on the quality of phone service in town. Recently the Selectboard voted to ask the state regulators to take a look at the quality of Verizon's voice telephone service in the region. I am collecting data on behalf of Warwick to share with the company and department of telecommunications and cable. I am aware of problems with phones that can call out but don't ring, static, and other issues.

Please pass along your experience with phone problems including the affected phone number to me. You can mail your comments to Coordinator 12 Athol Rd 01378; phone it in to 544-6315 (leave the information on the voice mail if I don't answer); or e-mail me at coordinator@town.warwick.ma.us This investigation is about pots lines (plain old telephone lines in phone co. parlance) and not an investigation about data or Internet capacity or lack of it.

Animal Control Officer - Rosa Calcari

YELP FOR HELP is in Need of Your HELP!: Due in large part to the vet bills for many of the stray kittens found this Fall, Yelp For Help is being drained of its reserves at an alarming rate. Anyone who is able to afford to give a donation to Yelp For Help is strongly encouraged to do so. I cannot continue to help animals in need without the funds to pay for the necessary veterinary care they require. Please donate if you can.

The trailer at the Transfer Station awaits your donations of returnable bottles and cans. All those nickels do add up over time, and without this ongoing fundraising drive, Yelp would long ago have run out of funds.

Annual Town Election Results

In Monday's election, incumbent Town Clerk Jeannette Fellows was reelected to another three year term in the only officially contested race. A proposition 2 1/2 debt exclusion for a new dumptruck and sander was approved 78 to 67.

Also elected were:
George Allen Mexcur, Town Moderator, one-year term
Nicholas Arguimbau, Selectboard, three-year term
Christopher Ryan, Town Assessor, three-year term
Richard O. Whiting, Board of Health, three-year term
Helen Whipple, Board of Health, one-year term by write-in
James J. Toth, Cemetery Commission, three-year term
Brian Peters, Constable, three-year term
Dana Songer, Tree Warden, one-year term
Fredericka Fellows and Janet Alden, Library Trustees, three-year term


Bill Lyman


Call 9-1-1 in case of emergency. Those three numbers can save your life. Within seconds, Warwick firefighters, police and trained emergency medical technicians are alerted. Within minutes, we are looking for your house.

House numbers can save critical time. It isn't just the Fed-Ex driver that won't find your house quickly if you don't have visible identification from the road. Your house number is an important part of the 9-1-1 Emergency System. Your trained first responders are Warwick neighbors - most callers are amazed that help arrived in just a few minutes when help is really needed.

Warwick Fire would like to make this life saving 9-1-1 system even better. We will gladly make house calls and number your home for free, or your mailbox at the roadside. Warwick firefighters are your neighbors. We'd rather put in a bit of time now putting up nice house numbers on your home. We want to find you if you need us. Quickly.

Call Bill Lyman at 544-9654 to get your house numbers installed free of charge. Warwick fire has allocated some money for this project, so it absolutely free for you. We buy the numbers and install them. You just need to call.

If you don't need our house numbering service, please check your home's emergency visibility. With long driveways and tree growth, faded paint or time-worn numbers, this may now be a potential problem. Mailboxes should be numbered on both sides if possible, visible in both directions, with a sharp contrast between the number and the background. On the home, a reflective background or lit number is best. Your home should have its digits displayed about 5 feet off the ground near the main entry. Larger house numbers are easier to see. Low-watt entry lights will not only enhance your home's looks, security and walking safety, they should also illuminate your numbers. And with your numbers prominently displayed, just think how happy the delivery guys will be, whistling with the radio as they drive away, having found you easily in this beautiful backwoods town called Warwick.

Notice regarding Property Tax Abatements

Requests for Tax Abatements MUST be made on the form available here or from the Assessors' office. A letter, however eloquent, is not considered a formal request for abatement.

Patricia Lemon, Clerk
Warwick Selectboard

CAN You Help? Returnable Can and Bottle Drive

Every Saturday at the Transfer Station 7 am - 2 pm!
Leave RETURNABLES in the White Chest Freezer or Wooden Trailer with the Yelp For Help Sign. Thank You! Your participation in this ongoing fundraising drive makes a great difference. You may also leave returnables with ACO Rosa Calcari at 203 Orange Road, Warwick.

Reporting Trash on Warwick Roads

Seen anything like this lately?

The protocol for reporting illegal dumping: Call Police Dispatch 978-544-2244, and tell the dispatcher, "This is an administrative call." Then give the dispatcher a description of where the dumping took place, who did it, if you know, and your name and phone number. E-mailing photos to Brian Peters (bcp@gis.net) and Tim Kilhart (warwick.highway@lycos.com) would also be helpful.

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